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Soma Nath Sapkota

Education is the means of the economic and social transformation of society. Poverty can be reduced by creating industrial development, entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities in the country only with thematic skills, practical and technical manpower. For this purpose, the Gandaki Technical Education and Vocational Training Institute Act (2076) has been duly established to establish and certify the standard of technical education and vocational training in Gandaki and to develop human resources in line with the market demand by arranging technical education and vocational training. I look forward to the support of all parties in developing the organization so that it can make a significant contribution to achieve the goals of sustainable development and its projected indicators in a timely manner by producing skilled and medium level technical manpower in eleven districts of the state. Hearty I appeal for coordination, cooperation, collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders and national and international organizations for the common goal of developing the academy and the training and layout learning conducted under it to make a significant contribution and to develop Gandaki Pradesh as a leading institution producing the required medium and skilled manpower.