Purposed Academic courses(Three years diploma course )

1.Automobile engineering (Electric motorcycle, car, bus, etc.)

2.Mechanical engineering

3.Textile engineering

4.Wood carving engineering

5.Argo-processing/food processing engineering

6.Tile, brick and sanitation engineering 

7.Electrical engineering (Solar, wind and hydroelectricity, cooking device, kitchen ware etc.)

8.Hospitality management

9.Pharmaceutical Engineering 

Probable short term training

1.Plumbing, sanitary fitting, electric wiring, carpentry, wood and stone carving, pottery, idol making, tailoring, garment making, barber, etc.   

2.Construction:- wall, irrigation cannel, house, temple, cowshed, check dam etc.

3.Road blacktopping:- road leveling, melting blacktopping materials and blacktopping of  road.                       

4.Repairing:- refrigerator, television, mobile, fan, air condition machine, computer, electric cooking ware etc.

5.Processing:- food processing, herb processing, milk processing, tea, coffee, ginger, garlic, black cardamom processing etc.

6.Raising:- pork, chicken, cow, buffalo, goat, Tibetan goat, sheep, horse, donkey, yak, dear etc.

7.Fruit farming:-  mango, Avogadro, orange, apple, ground apple, etc.

8.Cash crop farming:-  vegetable, potato, oilseed, cardamom, tea, coffee, ginger e t c.