Gandaki Technical Education and Vocational Training Academy

Skilled human resources for prosperous Province

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Honorable Minister

Gandaki technical education with the vision of developing skilled manpower for a prosperous state, Vocational Training Institute has been established. This foundation is capable and dynamic. By developing it as an institution, not only for the state but also the basic according to the national and international market demand And I am fully confident that we will be able to develop a mid-level skilled manpower. Regular to the establishment. This Fiscal Year by formulating the legal basis including necessary policies, rules, directives for smooth functioning. I expect educational programs to be conducted from To the programs operated by the establishment. I hope you will succeed in making it objective, participatory, inclusive and qualitative. Development This webpage is about the vision, mission, goals and programs of the organization. To maintain good governance and transparency of the organization along with massive public participation by disseminating information to the public. I would like to wish you success.